Shalom Gorewitz is an American artist based in New York who has been making video pieces since 1972. Gorewitz studied Communication Arts at Antioch College from 1967-70 where he first began experimenting with emerging video technologies. After completing a BFA at California Institute of the Arts in 1971, where he studied with video art pioneer Nam June Paik and multidisciplinary performance artists Allan Kaprow and Allison Knowles, Gorewitz moved to New York City. During his early years in New York City, Gorewitz realized a diverse number of projects using video, including a series of video/poetry experiments with John Cage, John Giorno, and Richard Kostelanatz in 1973 and a yearlong cable television broadcast featuring abstract video art alongside an assorted cast of performers in 1976. In the years following, Gorewitz developed a body of experimental video work, which emerged from his collaborations with engineers on new analog and digital technologies as a visiting artist at the Experimental Television Center in Oswego, NY. Gorewitz’s more recent work, since the late 1990s, has consisted of pure color studies and videos that are abstract and structuralist in nature, as well as video essays that explore philosophical themes and respond to the political and cultural conditions of contemporary society. Gorewitz has screened his work at The Kitchen several times since 1979, with his pieces featured in two retrospectives of video work, Return/Jump in 1982 and Extant Work in 1998. For more information visit: and

Extant Work