France-based Hungarian artist Vera Molnar is often considered one of the progenitors of computer art. Trained as a painter, after her move to Paris in the early post-WWII years Molnar began to make works that followed mental calculations and patterns, proto-computer logics not yet realized by a machine but by what she called her “machine imaginaire.” In 1968 she started working with computers, allowing her to both realize and distend the potential for iterative abstraction latent in her earlier work. Despite a clear subordination of the artist’s hand to coded, machinic decisions, Molnar’s work embraces irregularities. As serialism folds in on itself to become an autonomously generative creative force, delicacy, beauty, and affect are perhaps not Molnar’s goals, but they crop up as persistent by-products. Molnar’s work was included in The Kitchen’s 2016 exhibition “From Minimalism into Algorithm.” For more information, please see: