Berlin-based artist Christine Sun Kim seeks to expand understandings of what sound is, thinking it not as linked to hearing but as a set of social codes and norms--collective reactions, affects, and concepts. Kim resides between disciplines, at times making works on paper that play with transcribing sound in various notations--musical, American Sign Language, English vernacular, and body language--and at times creating performances and installations, which are often participatory. Born deaf, her works deal with interpretation, both in the sense of an understanding of a work of sound art and in terms of the processes of communicating through an interpreter. In various ways, Kim’s pieces aim to catalyze an opportunity for their audience to re-think and re-contextualize their own subjectivities in relation to distributions of sound and social difference. Her piece made in collaboration with Thomas Mader was included in The Kitchen’s 2016 group show “From Minimalism into Algorithm.” For more information, please see: