New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach works in series, examining a given idea through various mediums including drawing, sculpture, and painting. Her early career focused on semiotic systems such as the alphabet or Morse code, undoing their formal and aesthetic properties in order to test the limits of their signification. Following an interest in binary code as a linguistic structure, Auerbach shifted her focus to the interplay between flatness and non-flatness in her “Fold” and “Weave” series. In each, Auerbach’s works oscillate between two and three dimensions in order to gesture towards a broader interrogation of the different types of dimensionality coiled within perception and experience. Auerbach’s work was included in The Kitchen’s 2016 group show “From Minimalism into Algorithm,” and as a part of the exhibition she curated the performance “Multiply” by Greg Fox, Meara O’Reilly, and Eliot Stone. For more information, please see: