New York-based artist James Hoff’s work considers digital ephemera, its distribution, and how it might serve as a site for potential disruption. Hoff works in a variety of media to do so—he engages with painting, makes music and sound art, writes, lectures, and is editor and publisher of the small press Primary Information. In his series of virus paintings, Hoff infects a digital image with a malicious virus and then prints the result on a sheet of aluminum with a complex dye process, producing a result whose appearance can recall textiles. Hoff has also released an LP, Blaster, which infects 808 drum-machine samples with similar viruses. His work was included in The Kitchen’s 2016 group “From Minimalism into Algorithm,” and he participated in a panel discussion as part of The Kitchen’s L.A.B. series. He has also performed with C. Spencer Yeh as part of The Kitchen’s Synth Nights series. For more information, please see: