Cathy Weis is a performance choreographer who specializes in experimental video and dance. She has spent much of her career exploring the concepts of time, space and illusion, while also focusing on poetry and linguistics. In addition to dancing, Weis has worked as a horse trainer and clown in Jennifer Miller’s Circus Amok, and has created works on video puppetry. Weis taught the class, “Technology and Performance” at Bennington College, before moving on to inherit the Roxanne Dance Foundation in 1997. She renamed it Cathy Weis Projects, with a mission to curate performances and sponsor the creation and touring of new work. Weis first performed at The Kitchen with Cathy Weis and Friends in the Electronic Cafe as part of The Kitchen and Improvisation Festival in 1995. Returning in 1998, she presented her third evening-length show, Gravity Twins.