Senga Nengudi is an American visual artist whose work often takes the form of installation, sculpture, and performance. Nengudi attended California State University, Los Angeles, where she studied art and dance. After graduating in 1965, Nengudi traveled to Japan, where she absorbed ideas of aesthetic minimalism that would later inform her work. Upon returning to Los Angeles in 1967, Nengudi formed the loose collective Studio Z with David Hammons, Barbara McCullough, Maren Hassinger, and others. In 1974, Nengudi began to work with pantyhose, inspired by her experiences during her first pregnancy as her body changed. The R.S.V.P. works, as they are known, deal with the elasticity of the human body and the shared experience of womanhood. Often, Nengudi would have a performer “activate” the installation, dancing with and among the materials. In 1984, Nengudi presented “Funk Lessons” a collaborative performance piece with Blondell Cummings,Yasanao Tone, and Just Above Midtown Gallery as a part of the Downtown/Uptown Television Festival. For more information please visit: