Kaneza Schaal is a New York City-based artist and performer. She has appeared in plays, films, and television shows as diverse as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Zero Dark Thirty, and productions at Elevator Repair Service, The Wooster Group, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Her own artistic work is focused on collaborative experimentation, where texts are used as a jumping-off point to create visual, physical, sonic, narrative and abstract expression. Such works include Jack & Jill, Go Forth, and Is That All There Is? Schaal has a rich history with The Kitchen, performing in Jay Scheib’s Bellona, Destroyer of Cities in 2010 and Claude Wampler’s N’a pas un gramme de charisma in 2013. She appeared at The Kitchen twice in 2017, participating in both The Kitchen Lab Conference: POSITION and the two-week open performance and colloquy Half Straddle: Here I Go, pt. 2 of You. For more information, see: http://www.kanezaschaal.com/

Half Straddle: Here I Go, pt. 2 of You