Jeremy O. Harris is a playwright and actor currently living in New Haven, CT. He has appeared in experimental films directed by James Franco and Terrence Malick and has acted for Steppenwolf Theater, one of Chicago’s leading theater companies. His play Daddy, a tale about a young black artist’s homosexual relationship with an older European art collector, served as his writing sample for Yale University’s School of Drama, where he is currently studying. In 2017, he participated in The Kitchen’s two-week open work period Half Straddle: Here I Go, pt. 2 of You by giving a talk entitled "ALLOW & WOW, a rumination on my understanding of my family's criticisms of my plays last week; or why Scott Heller should hire Veronica Howerton, my mother, to replace Charles Isherwood."

Half Straddle: Here I Go, pt. 2 of You