Holly Brubach is an American writer whose work addresses all aspects of culture including literature, fashion, and the performing arts. After attending Duke University, Brubach embarked on a dance career that was cut short by an injury. She then began to write for magazines such as Vogue and The Atlantic, writing longform profiles on filmmakers, musicians, artists, and dancers. Robert Gottlieb recruited Brubach to collaborate with Alexandra Danilova on Choura: The Memoirs of Alexandra Danilova (Knopf, 1986), which won the De La Torre Bueno Award for best dance book of 1986. Two years later, as editor of The New Yorker, Gottlieb hired Brubach as a staff writer, where she wrote a fashion column, profiles, and “Talk of the Town” pieces. In 1994, Brubach became the Style Editor at The New York Times. Since, Brubach has written two books, A Dedicated Follower of Fashion (Phaidon Press, 1999), a collection of essays, and Girlfriend: Men, Women and Drag (Random House, 1999), an exploration of deconstructing gender through drag. In 1994, Brubach spoke on a panel at The Kitchen as a part of Cafe Barbie. For more information visit http://www.hollybrubach.com/.