Zeena Parkins is an American composer, improviser and multi-instrumentalist who is especially known for her work as a harp player. Since Parkins moved to New York City in the 1980s she has performed solo and as part of larger ensembles in the improvisational and jazz scenes, as well as with a number of experimental rock bands. Parkins has designed her own custom harps and is credited with expanding the boundaries of contemporary harp practice and performance through the incorporation of unorthodox techniques and elaborate electronic processing into her playing. Parkins frequently collaborates with artists across a variety of disciplines, and she maintains a particular commitment to dance for which she has composed numerous scores. Parkins has appeared with several musicians at The Kitchen in the last number of decades including alongside composer and improviser Butch Morris in 1985, with multi-instrumentalist and composer Fred Frith in 1989 and with drummer and composer Ikue Mori in 2006. For more information please visit: http://www.zeenaparkins.com/about.html