Sadie Benning is an American video and visual artist whose work considers sexuality, feminism, loss, and the passage of time. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1973, Benning received a PixelVision toy camera by her father, experimental filmmaker James Benning, and started making films at fifteen, prompted by witnessing two tragedies. As a transgender queer youth without access to images or language that affirmed her identity, Benning felt it was necessary to create her own work. Benning’s work has been featured in many exhibitions, notably her first solo show in New York at the Whitney in 2009, and she has increasingly included images of her own body and voice in her work. In 1998, Benning co-founded Le Tigre, a feminist post-punk band, which she left in 2000, continuing to make and exhibit her artwork. Benning’s films have screened four times at The Kitchen since 1990.