Bruce LaBruce is a Canadian actor, writer, filmmaker, and photographer whose work challenges cultural norms by capturing sexual transgressions, most often gay pornography. LaBruce studied at York University in Toronto, and during school, wrote for Cineaction magazine, curated by his teacher Robin Wood. Early in his career, LaBruce published and co-edited the queer punk zine J.D.s with G.B. Jones. As LaBruce began to make his own films, his interest in the extreme, taboo subject of hardcore queer pornogarphy persisted; LaBruce personally aligned with the queercore movement of the 1990s. His film Otto, or, Up With Dead People debuted at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. In 1993, LaBruce presented his film Home Movies and co-curated “Skinology” as part of Spew/New York at The Kitchen.