Last Night

Photo: Jason Mandella

Martin Beck's Last Night celebrated David Mancuso and the dance parties he DJ'd throughout the '70s and '80s with an installation of a film in The Kitchen's second floor gallery. Hosted in Mancuso's 99 Prince Street home, known as The Loft, the invitation-only parties offered a unique combination of communal atmosphere and high quality sound without the commercial agenda of later disco-era clubs. Beck's film reprised thirteen hours of music played on June 2, 1984 at one of Mancuso's last loft parties. Prominently featured in the film, the vintage record player's imbued nostalgia was countered by the lively dance music it played. In the front gallery, Beck included two serigraphs lists of the songs played and copies of publications related to the project. Although lacking the raucous partygoers of the 80's, Beck's installation invited the audience on an intimate sonic journey through the happenings of a particular night at a particular moment in New York City's history.  This exhibition was curated by Tim Griffin.

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