Miguel Guttierez is a New-York based artist working in choreography, performance, music and poetry. His work merges endurance-based performance art, the study of mind-body somatic systems, and an examination of social and religious rituals, including histories of spectacle in queer club performance. His interest is not simply limited to the creation of works and spans across different fields, including the aspects of information generation and reception that surround the creation of works of art. During his career, Gutierrez has collaborated with artists as various as Jenny Holzer, Jeremy Wade, Philip Adam, Jen Rosenblit, Sarah Michelson, and Debora Hay, among others. Guttierez first presented his work at The Kitchen as part of Dance in Process in 1999, and went on to facilitate the program for several years. His work dAMNATION rOAD was performed at The Kitchen in 2004, and he then appeared as part of the Graphic Reading Room of Scaffold Room in 2015. For more information please visit: http://miguelgutierrez.org/project/about/.