Scaffold Room

Photo: Jason Mandella


Scaffold Room merged installation, text, and music throughout The Kitchen’s gallery, theater, elevator, and stairwells. Artist Ralph Lemon centered the exhibition around the public and private identities of Black women in the United States, presenting video of a rural Mississippi Delta community along with photographs and sculptural displays in the gallery, with performances by Okwui Okpokwasili and April Matthis occurring over two weeks in The Kitchen’s theater space. In these performances, Okpokwasili and Matthis summoned iconic characters from literature and pop culture, with Beyoncé and Kathy Acker serving as inspiration in Lemon’s theatrical rendering of contemporary body-politic conversations. The two-month exhibition also included a small reading room within the gallery, with books and found erotic photos made available to the public, and where readers including Yvonne Rainer, Fred Moten, Miguel Gutierrez, Gary Indiana, Marina Rosenfeld, Tim Griffin, Matthew Lyons, and Lynne Tillman read passages selected by Lemon. Passages selected played with form and grappled with issues of power and transgression. This exhibition was curated by Tim Griffin and Matthew Lyons.


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Brooklyn Rail Review [PDF]
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