Tangled Graphics

Photo: Beatriz Schiller

Diverging from the frenzied vocabulary of her previous work, two of Kaye’s four pieces on this mixed bill program, Active Graphics #2 and Tangled Graphics, consisted of several performers dancing in a setting of diagonal strips of white light projected from the ceiling onto the floor. The final two pieces, The River Sticks and Ferocious Blows, earlier works than the first two, recalled a degree of the corybantic. In The River Sticks, Kaye filled the stage with structures she has made of sticks, slowly yet uncalculatedly plucked them apart until they all toppled upon her. The collection of works featured two distinct logics of performance, yet allowed them to cohabitate and reconsidered the very notion that one was a progression from the other.


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New York Native Review [PDF]
Village Voice Review [PDF]
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