Hi Everybody!

Photo, © Tere O'Connor


Hi Everybody! was choreographed by Tere O'Connor in 1999 and included a cast of long-time company members Chrysa Parkinson, Greg Zuccolo, Marc Kenison, Heather Olson, Rob Besserer and Rebecca Hilton; James Baker, who composed original music; and long-time collaborator Brian MacDevitt who created the lighting design for this work.

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Postcard [PDF]
Program [PDF]
New York Blade Review by Joseph Carman [PDF]
Attitude Magazine Review by Susan Yung [PDF]
Village Voice Review by Deborah Jowitt [PDF]
Village Voice Preview by Christopher Reardon [PDF]
New York Magazine preview by Erika Kinetz [PDF]
New York Times Review by Jack Anderson [PDF]
Press Release [PDF]
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