An Evening with Beth B and Lydia Lunch


This shared evening included the presentation of a number of videos, directed by No Wave underground filmmaker Beth B, that explored themes of violence, sex, and the conditions of contemporary society. Videos included American Nightmare and Belladonna, which she co-directed with the artist Ida Applebroog. Beth B also premiered her collaborative work Thanatopsis (previously titled Annie Get Your Gun), created with Lydia Lunch. This short video, written and performed by Lydia Lunch and directed by Beth B, set a despondent, noirish tone to ruminate upon women’s resilience in the face of the destructive power of men. As part of the event, Lunch also performed her seminal spoken word LP Conspiracy of Women, which had been released the previous year. A damning tirade about the patriarchal imbalances in society, Conspiracy of Women acted as a manifesto that was both articulate and abrasive, confrontational and empowering.

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