Spanning a diverse array of media, the work of artist Jamie Dalglish has been recognized by grants and awards from the Polaroid Corporation as well as the Pollock-Krasner Foundation. As a painter, Dalglish coined the term "morphoglyph" to describe compositions in which color and form open onto the potential for psychoanalytic introspection. Dalglish also pursued music as a member of Container, a band that he shared with Andes, George Elliot, David Hanson, Dale Powers, and Michael Stumm. In video, Dalglish is best known for Talking Heads (1975) which was a seven and a half hour recording parceled into thirty-minute segments in which David Byrne conversed with various artists of the New York scene. In 1979, Dalglish appeared at The Kitchen in various capacities, performing vocals as Container and showing Talking Heads as part of the Video Viewing Room series.