Architect and filmmaker Jonah Freeman expresses aspects of psychedelic and drug related culture with immersive installations. Freeman creates maze-like installations and environments that encapsulate dystopian visions and psychotic episodes. In Freeman's art, architecture presents visions of dystopia, psychotic episodes, and the undersides of drug-fueled subcultures. In his collaborative work with Justin Lowe, the pair worked to create large-scale environmental installations drawing from tropes within drug culture, film, and architecture, beginning with their first official collaborative piece, Hello Meth Lab in the Sun. Their most recent project, Shadow Pool: A Natural History of the San San International, is a performance-based piece constructing and exploring a psychedelic 70s mega convention. At part of The Kitchen’s 2008 exhibition, The Future As Disruption, Freeman presented a new installation that drew on his continually developing project, The Franklin Abraham, a fictional superstructure within a hyper-commodified society full of imagined, subcultural factions and economies.