Eccentric Motions

Photo: Terri Bloom

Consisting of three pieces—Sticks on the Move, a “film-in-progress” by Pooh Kaye and Elizabeth Ross, Homelife of a Wildgirl, a solo piece by Kaye combining film and dance, and finally Eccentric Motions, a group dance with sound accompaniment—Kaye’s “Eccentric Motions” (also the title of the series of works) shuttled between the illusionistic space-making capabilities of film and the immanent, embodied potentials of live dance. In the first piece, wooden beams took on an animacy of their own as they traveled through downtown New York and interacted with people, surfacing, materialized, in the third piece as the dancers chewed on them and spit out the splinters. The relations Kaye draws between objects and performers, or real and filmic space, operated in service of the mythic, creating an environment that does not transport the viewer elsewhere but brings, in the words of Sally Banes, “a preverbal, paradisiac universe” into the extant context.


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