County Down


County Down, the first work Laura Parnes presented at The Kitchen, is a nine-episode, web-based narrative film about an “outbreak of psychosis” in an affluent gated community, the development of a new designer drug, and a hedonistic culture consumed by commodity and status. The film was screened in full on April 3oth, 2018. New York Times Critic Ken Johnson described the violent, darkly comic video as “a blatantly ridiculous and yet weirdly compelling soap opera; Night of the Living Dead meets Pretty Little Liars." The cast of Parnes's film is made up of other well-known New York artists: Nicole Eisenman, Jim Fletcher, Patty Chang, Chloe Bass, Ellen Cantor, Kate Valk, Marti Domination, James Fotopoulos, William Powhida, Andy Haynes, Emily Roysdon, Becca Blackwell, Stephanie Vella, and Sacha Yanow. The film’s soundtrack was arranged and curated by Johanna Fateman. All nine episodes can be viewed online at

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