Rosemary Hochschild is an American actor based in Los Angeles, CA. Hochschild was affiliated with the No Wave cinema movement that emerged in the Lower East Side of New York City in the early 1980s, which led to the production of many low budget, independent films that were shot at real locations and generally emphasized the atmospheric qualities of the film above other concerns. Hochschild starred in a number of films directed by No Wave filmmaker Michael Oblowitz, including her first starring role in “Minus Zero” (1979) and as one of the two protagonists in “King Blank” (1983) about the relationship between a psychologically disturbed man and his immigrant wife, which she co-wrote with Oblowitz. After a hiatus from film through the mid-90s and early 2000s Hochschild has recently appeared in a number of films that, like her earlier work, are tinged with violence and sinister themes including “Wild in Blue” (2015) by director Matthew Berkowitz and “The Queen of Hollywood Blvd” (2018) directed by actor, cinematographer and writer Orson Oblowitz. Hochschild appeared at The Kitchen as part of a series of screenings entitled “Super 8 Motel” in 1985 for the premiere of underground filmmaker Scott B’s “Last Rites” (1985) in which she starred and to perform her work “Rosemary Hochschild’s Glamour Bath Time Aerobics”.