Music producer and composer Judith Sherman derives her love of music from childhood memories of singing with her family and community. She attended graduate school for music at the University of Buffalo where she was exposed to electronic music in her second year. Following her studies, Sherman gained a practical education in sound production through work at a jingle house and as an engineer at WBAI-FM, while simultaneously taking classes at the Institute of Audio Research. At the radio station she quickly rose through the ranks to become first Producer then Music Director before departing entirely to take on the role of Recording Engineer for the Marlboro Festival from 1976 through 1994. She has since established Judith Sherman Productions, and has won the Grammy Award for Classical Producer of the Year in 1993, 2007, and 2011. Sherman has produced music for such artists as Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and Terry Riley. In addition to her practice as a music producer, early in her career Sherman also experimented with sound composition in such pieces as Moonlanding which she performed at The Kitchen during an Evening of New Music in October 1972.