Due Virtuosi


Due Virtuosi took place at The Kitchen over two evenings and featured clarinetist David Krakauer and accordionist and composer Guy Klucevsek in the winter of 1999. Drawing from klezmer, jazz and experimental new music, Krakauer performed original compositions for solo acoustic clarinet and sampled sounds in collaboration with 99 Hooker and pianist Uri Caine. Krakauer’s performances featured stories on the holocaust, painter Mark Rothko, dance tunes from the Eastern European Jewish klezmer repertoire. In addition, Klusevsek performed soulful and avant-garde music during the two night performances. All Accordions All the Time featured Klucevsek with fellow revered accordions Ted Reichman and Anne DeMarinis in a program including scores commissioned by Dancing in the Streets for Wave Hill. On the following night, Klucevsek performed with Alan Bern, composer, accordionist, pianist, and music director of Brave Old World, marking the debut of The Klucevsek/ Bern Unit. The evening featured the premiere of several Klucevsek compositions, including Bar Talk, Life, Liberty and The Prosciutto Happiness, and Astor Place, as well as compositions by Bern, such as Dueling Dovidls and Hegel’s Fantasy.

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