Before Intermission/Totally in Love



Curated by choreographer Tere O’Connor, this two-night engagement featured Karen Bernard’s solo Totally in Love and Trajal Harrell’s Before Intermission. Directed by dancer and theater artist Maureen Brennan, Bernard’s piece combined spontaneous movements with a collection of videos and audio recordings of her and her children, which functioned like journal entries capturing Bernard’s celebration and mourning of her children as they grew up and left home. Totally in Love featured commissioned music by Montreal DJ and sample-based composer Owen Chapman and videography by Jody Sperling and Valerie Green with sound and editing by Norm Scott and Brooks Williams of Harmonic Ranch. In Before Intermission, Trajal Harrell investigated the aesthetics of “cool” as he mixed postmodern dance, the fashion runway, and vogueing as well as references to James Baldwin’s novel Giovanni’s Room. Harrell was accompanied by additional dancers including Julie Alexander, Isabel Gunther, Anne Pinomaki-Ballantyne, Arturo Vidich, and Luke Wylie. Before Intermission featured lighting design by Thomas Dunn, set design by Erik Flatmo, and costume design by Masala Browman.

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