Virginia Overton is a Brooklyn-based artist that hails from Nashville, Tennessee. Her work intimately negotiates the relation of the body to material and space, manipulating and then placing found and discarded objects in such a way that complicates the architecture of a space by turns minimal and performative. Overton’s engagement with elemental objects and materials are reworked into installation, sculpture, photography, and video, with a keen sensibility to site as a medium. In this vein, Overton shares a robust lineage with Minimalist sculpture, but her site-specific, process-oriented practice, as well as her pointed rearrangement of architectural space—both physical and experienced—situates the artist in a post-Minimalist frame. In a solo exhibition at The Kitchen in 2012, Overton repurposed materials collected throughout The Kitchen’s building to create sculptural assemblages that reconsidered the relationship between the discarded objects and their surrounding space. For more information please visit: