Narcissister is an American artist and performer who wears a mask and merkin, working at the intersection of performance, dance, art, and activism. Race, gender, and sexuality are topics that regularly appear in her work. Narcissister integrates her past career as a professional dancer into her artistic practice, utilizing physicality as well as photography, video art, and experimental music. Narcissister's interest in the divide between popular entertainment and experimental performance led her to compete on America's Got Talent in 2011. Narcissister participated in Marina Abromovic's "Luminosity" as a re-performer during The Artist is Present Retrospective at MoMA. was a re-performer of Marina Abramovic’s Luminosity piece as part of The Artist is Present retrospective at MoMA. In 2010, Narcissister performed at The Kitchen with Derrick Adams during a double bill featuring Adams' "Go Stand Next to the Mountain" and Narcissister's "This Masquerade." For more information, visit