Bill Harvey is an American designer and musician based in New York. Harvey studied Sculpture at the Corcoran School of Art in the late 1970s, after which he moved to New York City where he became involved in the performance art and new wave scene playing music. At this time, Harvey was also making sculptures using found objects and, through his work with the restaurant designer Sam Lopata, he transitioned into domestic and interior design, setting up his own design studio in 1989 in Brooklyn, New York. Over the course of the last number of decades, in addition to running his design studio, Harvey has continued to perform as a musician and, in 2014, he co-founded New York Is Music, which advocates for the growth and support of New York’s music industry. Harvey exhibited work in the group exhibition, Objects in Collision, at The Kitchen in 1985, which explored the relationship between art and the commodity, alongside Haim Steinbach, Jeff Koons, and David Robbins, among others. For more information visit: