Dover Beach


Photo: © Paula Court

Photo: © Paula Court

Dover Beach premiered at The Kitchen on June 9th, 2009. The piece was created in collaboration with visual designer Parker Lutz and composer Pete Drungle, among others. Performers included Latysha Antonio, Oren Barnoy, Sofia Britos, Alice Downing, Non Griffiths, Allegra Herman, Jmy Leary, Adele Nickel, James Tyson, Rebecca Warner, Laura Weston, and Greg Zuccolo. The movement was inspired by a community ballet class Michelson observed in 2007, and included difficult, repetitive phrase work. The piece featured a neon line portrait resembling Michelson, and two projections of the same portrait.

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Press Release [PDF]
Time Out New York listing [PDF]
Village Voice Review [PDF]
Time Out New York Interview [PDF]
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Time Out New York Review [PDF]
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