The Stop Quartet

Contact Sheet: Richard Dean


For its 25th anniversary season, The Kitchen presented choreographer Jonathan Burrows’ “most uncompromising work to date,” (Press Release) Stop Quartet from October 30-November 2, 1997. Stop Quartet experimented with the mechanics of the human body in the form of a board game. The floor was divided by overlapping bars of light, designed by Michael Hulls, and dancers took turns making “moves.” Burrows’ choreography was full of an unablletic movement vocabulary dictated by geometric rhythms, set to a score by Kevin Volans and Matteo Fargion. Following The Stop Quartet, The Jonathan Burrows Group performed Quintet, a more violent, slashing work full of partnering to a score by Tom Johnson. Performers from The Jonathan Burrows Group included Jonathan Burrows, Dana Fouras, Henry Montes, Ragnhild Olsen, and Fin Walker.

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