The Rehearsal

Photo by Jason Mandella.

The Rehearsal, was a group exhibition presented by The Kitchen in which Courtesy the Artists, Discoteca Flaming Star and Georgia Sagri revisited an unreleased film by blacklisted, American film maker Jules Dassin, filmed 40 years ago in the building that is now The Kitchen, primarily in what is now the gallery space. Dassin’s film, titled The Rehearsal, is a cinematic indictment of the Greek military junta (1967–74).  Courtesy the Artists presented The Shoot, a video both scripted and improvised, produced on site at The Kitchen on July 7-11 that contrasted the 1973 student uprisings in Athens with the November 2011 pepper-spray incident against students participating in an Occupy movement demonstration at the University of California, Davis. Discoteca Flaming Star presented and performed Sticky Stage, a three-channel video installation and performance that included a sleepover. Greek-born, New York-based artist and activist Georgia Sagri exhibited a remake of her 2008 cement sculpture Square, as well as Athens Toy, a PowerPoint slideshow of photographs of locations in Athens that have historical or personal significance to the people in Dassin’s film, as well as the artist herself, followed by Long Live the Lions Wolves, a performance that relocates the political climate of contemporary Greece to that of 1973 through voice and sound. The Rehearsal was curated by Matthew Lyons.

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