Tool is Loot

Photo: Paula Court

TOOL IS LOOT was the first collaboration created and performed by choreographers Jennifer Lacey and Wally Cardona and was the conclusion of a year-long process of working apart, in France and the United States respectively. Each artist choreographed an “empty solo” that they then shared with other non-dance practitioners including a sommelier, an architect, a film editor, a medical supply salesman, and an astrophysicist. As they had weeklong encounters with each individual, Lacey and Cardona acquired and embellished their “empty solo” with different aesthetic propositions that were not their own and concluded these weeklong sessions with public performances. Described by Lacey and Cardona as “a year-long collaborative, performance-based process of aesthetic disorientation,” TOOL IS LOOT featured original music score by Jonathan Bepler and lighting design by Thomas Dunn. This evening was curated by choreographer Yasuko Yokoshi.




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