The Wooster Group was established by Elizabeth LeCompte and Spalding Gray in 1980 after breaking off from Richard Schechner’s Performance Group. Original members included Jim Clayburgh, Ron Vawter, Willem Dafoe, Kate Valk, and Peyton Smith. Their group is now considered one of the leaders in American experimental theater and consists of a small collective of artists that put together long-term projects. The Wooster Group is particularly notable for their fusion of audio visual elements into theater works, integrating prerecorded video and music into their performances. The Wooster Group performed twice at The Kitchen; first in 1986-1987 presenting Route 1 & 9 as part of a retrospective of The Wooster Group, and again in 1994 with their work Flaubert Dreams of Travel but the Illness of His Mother Prevents It. The group still performs today, working in their space called the Performing Garage in SoHo. For more information please visit: