Philip Mallory Jones is an American multi-disciplinary artist whose work has employed video, audio, and scholarly writing since 1969, and digital media since 1990. Jones co-founded and directed Ithaca Video Projects from 1971-1985, and served as the director and curator of the Ithaca Video Festival, the first juried video art collection, from 1974-1983. Jones’ video work synthesizes realities of African culture and his personal odyssey. He considers the screen a canvas on which stories can be told through emotional and sensory experiences. In 1988, Jones founded Footprints Productions, Inc., and still serves as its director. Today, his portfolio includes designs for computer games, theatrical projection designs, text and image based books, film and video animations, multi-media installations and theatrical performances. Jones’ work has been presented twice at The Kitchen: once in 1979 as a part of the Viewing Room series, and again in 1994 in collaboration with Bill T. Jones and David Hammons for the Downtown/Uptown Television Festival. For more information, visit