Matt Keegan is an American interdisciplinary artist whose practice is largely concept-driven, focusing on how the combinatory nature of art and language provides a means to negotiate personal experiences within physical, social, political, and historical spheres. Keegan explores these intersections through a combining of mediums—photography, text, sculpture, video, and artist books—as well as through collaborative efforts. For instance, the artist once embarked on a road trip with two other artists; the collected and photographed ephemera from the journey, as well as press clippings of sociopolitical events at the time were compiled into the artist book, AMERICAMERICA (2008). Keegan’s first show at The Kitchen in 2012 built on this combinatory ethos: he had a two-person show with longtime friend, Eileen Quinlan. Since his show at The Kitchen, Keegan has had four more two-person exhibitions with colleagues, a gesture that speaks to this ethos of combination and collaboration that defines his practice.