Tour Without End

Filmed over the course of four years, and within over 15 indie music spaces in New York, many of which have since closed, Laura Parnes’s Tour Without End maps the transitions of the American political climate and its junction with New York's half-real, half-fake music community. As with Parnes’s first work screened at The Kitchen, County Down, in 2012, Tour Without End features a legendary roster of New York City artists, musicians, and poets, this time acting as the players in various fictional bands touring throughout New York. The cast includes: Matthew Asti (MGMT), Lizzi Bougastos (Gang Gang Dance), Nicole Eisenman, K8 Hardy, JD Samson (MEN), Becca Blackwell, Christen Clifford, Johanna Fateman (Le Tigre), Tom McGrath, Neon Music (Youth Quake), Eileen Myles, Gary Indiana, Rachel Mason, Brontez Purnell (The Younger Lovers), Alessandra Genovese (Crush), Shannon Funchess (Light Asylum), Kembra Pfahler (Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black), Rogelio Ramos (Love Pig), Kenya Robinson (Cheeky Lashae), Alexandra Drewchin (Eartheater), Kathleen Hanna (The Julie Ruin), and Kate Valk (The Wooster Group). Blurring the lines between narrative and documentary, the cast worked improvisationally from a loose script, and shot on-location in "real life" scenarios and environments. "Presenting a multitude of characters through this recent time functions as a time capsule made more urgent due to the rapid gentrification of NYC," Parnes wrote. The screening at The Kitchen in 2018 was also accompanied by live performances from musicians BB TAY VEE, Roddy Bottum, Caitlin Frame and Lee Free, Macy Rodman, and Jd Samson with Michael O'Neill.

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