Rhys Chatham: A 15 Year Retrospective


Rhys Chatham: A 15 Year Retrospective celebrated a milestone in the composer’s career, marking fifteen years of working with non-notated music. Chatham presented compositions that charted the trajectory of his oeuvre, from the minimalist Two Gongs (1971), which featured two amplified Chinese gongs, to his epic six-guitar Die Donnergotter (1984-86), played with bass and drums. Chatham also performed his seminal Guitar Trio (1977) for three guitars, bass, and drums, accompanied by the video Pictures for Music (1979) by Robert Longo. Performers included Wayne Frost, Yves Musard, Robert Longo, Scott Johnson, Yoshi Wada, Ned Sublette, Wharton Tiers, Joe Dizney, Jules Baptiste, Bill Brovold, Evans Wohlforth, Ron Spitzer, Robert Poss, Karen Haglof, Jonathan Kane, Ben Neill, Robert Kovich, Susan Stenger, and Pam Fleming.

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