ELIANE RADIGUE (b. 1932, Paris, FR) studied electro-acoustic techniques under Pierre Schaeffer at the Studio d’Essai and under Pierre Henri at the Studio Apsonne. In 1970, she came to the United States and for the following three years worked in New York at School of the Arts, at Iowa Institute, and at California Institute of the Arts. Her principle compositions include Chry-ptus (1971), 7th Birth (1972), Geelriandre (1972), 847 (1973), Triptych (1980), and ADNOS II (1980). In addition to an international career, Radigue presented her work at The Kitchen in the 1970s and in 1980. In 1973, she presented Phi 847, an 80 minute piece created on an Arp Synthesizer. In 1974, Radigue performed Biogenesis and Transamorem-Transmortem. The following year, in 1975, she presented E-5th, a piece that lasted 24 hours, as well as her 82 minute piece, Adnos. In 1980, Radigue presented Adnos II at The Kitchen. Up until 2000 her work was almost exclusively created on a single synthesizer, after 2001 she began composing mainly from acoustic instruments.