I Collect Neglected Venoms

Photo Jason Mandella

Sara Magenheimer’s first institutional solo exhibition I Collect Neglected Venoms transformed The Kitchen’s ground floor theater into a multi-sensory installation ruminating on questions of language and consciousness through video, sculpture, theatrical lighting and a diffused custom ocean scent. Centered around the two channel video Best is Man’s Breath Quality, the installation explored language’s ability to reproduce itself through culture and fundamentally shape perception. The video’s narrator, an ancient jellyfish, comments through an authoritarian voice-over on the state of human consciousness and perception. The disembodied nature of the human voice and the shifting psychological states present in the video were emphasized by the abstracted movements of genetically modified florescent fish projected onto the stage via a live-feed. Book-ending the run of the show, Magenheimer presented two performances that illuminated multiple modes of perception through a collage of shared language and personal vernacular. This exhibition was curated by Lumi Tan and Tim Griffin.

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