5dim/MIND was a 40-minute film by Ken Feingold, which was presented along with his piece New Building under Water at The Kitchen in 1983. Both videos included a mix of television and film images and original super-8 footage of India, where he once worked as consultant and U.S. liaison to produce satellite-transmitted cultural video. In 5dim/MIND, the number “5” referred to the division in Feingold’s 5 sections, each of which began with an image suggesting how the material followed was organized. The television and film components of 5dim/MIND and New Building under Water consisted of found images from similar sources so that to underscore the set of conventions applied to homogenize broadcasting. These images included open-heart surgery, a goldfish gave way to lave erupting from a volcano, a diver attacked by a shark, and the head-spinning from The Exorcist. Through editing these broadcasted images and sounds, Feingold isolated and recontextualized the original context, creating a new one that he termed “a new text of signifying chains” to explore both conscious and unconscious thought processes.

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