"Backboard 4", "Rollerboard", "Little Ease" and "Whiplash 4"

Photo: Lois Greenfield


As a part of the series “Dancing In The Kitchen” dancer and choreographer Elizabeth Streb presented two new solos and quartets, which she performed with Nancy Alfaro, Daniel Mclntosh, and Jane Setteducato. The two solos, Rollerboard and Little Ease, involved the use of geometric structures that Streb danced rigorously on or within to explore her body in relation to space, while being restraint by their limited surface areas. In the first quartet, Backboard 4, the four dancers were divided into teams of two to throw balls against brightly colored walls, whereas in Whiplash 4 they employed mountain climbing ropes in highly structured choreography. For the first time Streb used pre-recorded sound elicited from the movements and choreography in rehearsal that was remixed to accompany the actual performance.

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