Frozen Mommy


Tere O'Connor's Frozen Mommy premiered at The Kitchen and was performed by dancers Hilary Clark, Erin Gerken, Heather Olson, Matthew Rogers, and Christopher Williams. This work set disparate movement phrases against each other, encouraging the viewer to elicit meaning in their relationship rather than evincing an underlying narrative or theatrical setting. James Baker provided a choral piece for the work that utilized the dancer's voices, and Brian Mac Devitt created a spare lighting design.

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Program [PDF]
New York Cool review by Ally Manning [PDF]
Off Off Off review by Sophie Ernst [PDF]
Time Out New York review by Gia Kourlas [PDF]
Village Voice review by Deborah Jowitt [PDF]
New Yorker listing [PDF]
New York Times review by Jack Anderson [PDF]
New York Times listing [PDF]
Press Release [PDF]
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