Born in New Orleans, Gina Bonati is an interdisciplinary artist that creating across drawing, music, language, dance, theater, and installation since 1982. After moving to New York City in 1981, Bonati attended The Juilliard School, where she studied withAlfredo Corvino, Ethel Winter, Kazuko Hirabayashi, and Robert Dennis. Bonati began her career as a go-go dancer at the Baby Doll Lounge in Tribeca, which later led her to modeling, acting, and eventually returning to learning dance with Merce Cunningham. At the Dia Center for the Arts in 1995, Bonati performed Emergence Sea, Noisedance/I Think He’s Hurting Me Now, Hunger & Visits to a score by Ed Greer and Bill Delp and with a set designed by painter Elizabeth Castagna, whom Bonati collaborated again on a 1996 performance as a part of the poetry-performance series, TEXTY THE CLOWN, at The Kitchen. During her first MFA in Dance at Mills College in San Francisco, Bonati choreographed and directed a piece, The Keepsake, in 2015. Upon receiving her second MFA in Music from the college, she will begin her residence at CIMM Centro Investigation del Movimento y la Musica in Santiago, Chile in July of 2018. Today, a collection of her work is collected and preserved by The Lincoln Center Library for The Performing Arts. For more information, please visit: