Dean Moss is a performance and visual artist working primarily in the mediums of dance and video. Much of his work is multidisciplinary, and often takes the form of transcultural collaborative projects. Performances and video works have been presented and exhibited at The Bitgoeul Citizen Cultural Center, Gwangju Korea; The Seoul International Dance Festival; Ksirarnawa Art Center in Denpasar, Indonesia; New Visions Art Festival, Hong Kong; and the FNB Vita Dance Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa; The Yerba Buena Center for Art; The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art; the Whitney Museum of American Art; P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center; The Brooklyn Museum of Art; Yale University/World Performance Project; Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center; The Brooklyn Arts Exchange; Danspace Project; Dance Theater Workshop, and The Kitchen. Moss served as The Kitchen's Curator of Dance and Performance from 1999-2004 as a Curatorial Advisor through 2009. During his curatorial tenure, he advised and organized the following programs: Dance in Progress (1999–2003), Inbal Pinto’s "Wrapped" (2000), Miranda July’s "Love Diamond" (2000), the series Two on Two (2000–2003), Julie Tolentino’s "The Bottom Project" (2000), Goat Island’s "The Sea & Poison" (2000), Vicky Shick’s "Still Lives" (2000), "Talking Dance" (2001), Yasuko Yokoshi & Gonnie Heggen’s "Royal Madness" (2001), Neil Greenberg’s "Construction with Varied Materials and Sequel" (2001), DD Dorvillier’s "Wind" (2001), "France Moves" (2001), Akram Khan Company "Fix, Rush Loose in Flight" (2001), Miranda July’s "The Swan Tool" (2001), Lucinda Childs’s "Solos" (2002), MIST Residence (2002), Builder’s Association/Motiroti "Alladeen" (2002), John Kelly’s "The Paradise Project" (2002), Xavier LeRoy’s "Gizelle" and "Self Unfinished" (2002), Grace Ellen Barkey/Needcompany "[And]" (2002), Sarah Michelson’s "Shadowmann" (2003), Yasmeen Goddar’s "Hall" (2003), Bill T. Jones (2003), Carlotta Sange "A" (2003), Miguel Gutierrez’s "New Work" (2004), Jonathan Burrows’ "weak dance, strong questions" (2004), Molissa Fenley’s "Hemispheres" (2004), and Tere O’Conner’s "New Work" (2004). In 2002 Moss founded Gametophyte, a hybrid production, performance and consulting company based in Brooklyn.