He Weeps for You

Postcard: He Weeps for You


One of his first video installations, Bill Viola’s He Weeps For You placed the viewer in a gallery with an inconspicuous copper pipe hanging from the ceiling and a video being projected on a wall. The video showed a water droplet protruding from the pipe in the room, growing in size as it gets closer and closer to falling. As the drop grows in size its magnified surface allows the viewer to more clearly see the room and those reflected in its surface. When the droplet reaches its maximum surface tension it descends onto an amplified drum, sending the sound of its fall reverberating throughout the gallery. Then a new drop begins to form and the cycle starts again. A rumination on the cycles of life and death as much as it is an experimentation with live video and sound, He Weeps For You is an essential work in Bill Viola’s prolific and illustrious oeuvre.


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