An Evening of the Book and Other Stories


Photo: Eileen Costa.


Borrowing its title form a 1924, agit-prop Russian theater work, this exhibition questioned consumerist tendencies thought the language and the ideals of the avant-garde movements of the 20th century. An Evening of the Book and Other Stories was divided in two parts: a display of sculptural objects and a three-channel video projection. The latter draws inspiration from Russian Constructivist theater of Vitalii Zhemchuzhnyi and Varvara Stepanova's set designs. From the idea promoted by the Constructivists—namely that art has a social purpose—Mai-Thu Perret also reflected on the function of gender in the process of art making and her position as a female artist in this framework. An Evening of the Book and Other Stories was curated by Debra Singer and Rashida Bumbray.

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