Echo Evolution

echo evolution


Liz Phillips’s Echo Evolution, shown at The Kitchen in 1999, built on previous themes of sound manipulation, space, and audience interactivity while utilizing new technology, such as an IBM computer system with custom programs, developed by Michael Wu, and “Ecstatic Neon,” developed by Ken Greenberg.


The exhibition also featured a program and installation called TV Dinner No. 5, based on an early piece by Phillips performed in 1971 entitled Electric Banquet. Viewers gathered in the gallery to eat from a pile of spaghetti and their metal utensils reacted with a live antenna under the tablecloth, creating unique and interactive sound. The evening included video documentation of Phillips’s previous works by Skip Blumburg, James Byrne, Kit Fitzgerald, Steve Lawrence, Mary Lucier, Nam Jun Paik, and John Sanborn.

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