Jeff Koons is an American artist based in New York City. In the 1980s, early in his career, Koons was associated with the Neo-Geo movement, which consisted of several artists who explored the implications of consumerism and the effects of commodification on contemporary society in their work. These themes have continued to influence Koons’ work, and he primarily makes paintings and sculptures that often incorporate elements from popular culture and advertising, as well as mundane objects from everyday life. These factors have led to Koons’ work being described as neo-Pop, but Koons himself denies any implicit meaning or critique in the work. Koons usually works in series and the production is often undertaken by a sizable team of assistants who work together to fabricate the work according to his specifications. Koons has become particularly well known for his large scale sculptural reproductions of ordinary objects, such as flowers and inflatable animals, that are often identified by their kitsch aesthetic. Koons participated in the group exhibition "Objects in Collision" at The Kitchen in 1985. For more information visit: